8 Things To Be Kept In Mind By A Guitar Beginner

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    Here is a list of 8 things to be kept in mind by a guitar beginner to become a better player.

    1. Start learning guitar at an early age, preferably when you’re in school. As you grow up you’ll have lesser time for practicing due of increasing responsibilities.

    2. Buy a decent piece of guitar, as nothing turns off a beginner more than a crappy instrument that is really painful to play. Click for guide on how to buy you your first guitar.

    3. Get a teacher. Learning online or with a book is good but hiring a teacher for this can double your rate of learning.

    4. Start playing with your friends as soon as you have learnt to play a song. Playing with others motivates you more than practicing alone.

    5. Get a metronome to improve your strumming and rhythm. You can also use an online metronome for this purpose.

    6. Make a habit of reading theory and other resources of guitar. This way you’ll learn faster than otherwise. Reading regularly will also keep you inspired for practicing guitar.

    7. Always keep your guitar out of its cover somewhere in the room. You can also buy a stand for you guitar. Keeping the guitar easily accessible, you’ll end up playing it whenever you see it. More you practice, better you

    8. Write down a clear plan of what you want to achieve as a guitar player. Do you want you enter your local guitar band? Or, do you want to impress the girls of your college by playing it for them? Or, do you want to play guitar for countless hours entertaining yourself. Be sure what you want and write it down on a piece of paper. Read this paper whenever you feel de-motivated.

    For 14 Things To Be Kept In Mind By A Guitar Beginner and other resources you can visit :
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    Well said buddy!
  3. raga2303

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    cool piece of advice..
  4. kamy_1

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    really good tips..=)...but is a teacher a must have.. i mean is it not possible to become an expert wid jus self learning...wid dedication and practice...??...i was of d idea dat learnin on d net or from books wud be enough...i may be wrong it seems ...:-/
  5. ramshengale

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    hey kami_1,

    It is possible to learn guitar online. There are a lot of good online courses like Jamorama which are good if you want to learn online. So guitar tutor is not a must.


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