51 tabs at once!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

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  1. passione4guitar

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    Hi everyone,
    Here are couple of songs with tabs. All these are either from this very website or from some other guitar sites. I have just compiled them together over here. I have not tabbed any of these and I don't intend to take the credit for the work I haven't done. Just want to make it more accessible. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have tabbed these beautiful songs....Enjoy!!!!!!

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  2. passione4guitar

    passione4guitar New Member

  3. amitcool95

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    thanks a ton dear just can't express my happinessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
  4. john1903

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    thanks a lot:) I am a newbie at guitar so i need all the tabs i can get my hands on as i don't know how to tab songs!:D
  5. passione4guitar

    passione4guitar New Member

    Happy New Year to everyone. Enjoy playing the guitar!!!!!!
  6. kittus

    kittus New Member

    Thanks for the tabs... they are really very helpful to me....
  7. nkk

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    thanks alot!
  8. pribhat

    pribhat New Member

    Thanks a lot man!!
  9. Good job bro.
    Repped :)

  10. passione4guitar

    passione4guitar New Member

    Thank you everyone. Enjoying playing the songs!!!!!
  11. passione4guitar

    passione4guitar New Member

    Hope you'll have enjoyed playing these tunes....:)
  12. passione4guitar

    passione4guitar New Member

    Earlier link to 195 tabs: 195 tabs at once...Enjoy!!!
  13. Astrian

    Astrian New Member

    superb tabs.....and very easy to play
  14. canadaguy

    canadaguy New Member

    very useful. Thanks.
  15. key

    key New Member

    Thanks a lot for the tabs....
  16. ShanJ

    ShanJ New Member

    thanks this will help

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