50 Heaviest Bands Ever

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by tejas, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. tejas

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    According to a posting on SMNnews , Revolver Magazine has put together a list of what they deem the top 50 "Heaviest Bands Ever". That same list, that appears in the December 2004 issue, is below:

    01. Black Sabbath
    02. Soundgarden
    03. Led Zepplin
    04. Neurosis
    05. Slayer
    06. Kyuss
    07. Meshuggah
    08. The Melvins
    09. Metallica
    10. Godflesh
    11. Tool
    12. Isis
    13. Sleep
    14. Dimmu Borgir
    15. Mastodon
    16. Motorhead
    17. Swans
    18. Slipknot
    19. Nirvana
    20. Napalm Death
    21. Celtic Frost
    22. Strapping Young Lad
    23. Anthrax
    24. The Stooges
    25. At The Gates
    26. Ministry
    27. Morbid Angel
    28. Voivod
    29. Nine Inch Nails
    30. Monster Magnet
    31. Sepultera
    32. Opeth
    33. The Dillenger Escape Plan
    34. Lamb Of God
    35. Saint Vitus
    36. Venom
    37. Pantera
    38. Blue Cheer
    39. Killswitch Engage
    40. Black Flag
    41. Killing Joke
    42. High On Fire
    43. Shadows Fall
    44. AC/DC
    45. Obituary
    46. Electric Wizard
    47. Eyehategod
    48. Death
    49. Cathedral
    50. Hatebreed
  2. tejas

    tejas ..........

    Well, what do u guys think of that list? I think it sucks. I mean, come on. From when have Soundgarden become heavy? Good band agreed. But heavier than Slayer and Morbid Angel? I don't think so. What is ur take on this?
  3. most of the magazines nowadays publish such bull shit to increase sales....
    i personally find such lists bullshit and a waste of time ..instead of workin on good articles this seems to be the easy way out...
    just bcoz a magazine says it is the heaviest it doesnt mean it is!
  4. esgallindeion

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    Read reviews, dload samples, if you like it then buy the album, judge for yourself... that's the key to be a good judge of metal music. Personally, I agree with dimebag that all ratings and listings are crap. Music tastes and opinions (like, which is heavier) are not the same for everyone and hence no list is very accurate or comprehensive, due to the large number of unheard or unconsidered bands. However, these lists are the best way to discover new bands and can be really fun sometimes. So, I shall never go totally against making lists and rating bands. But not for the reason that they are accurate but because they are fun and lets me discover new stuff.
  5. hv23

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    isn't kyuss light rock? wow.
  6. jake_e_lee

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    kerry king sure is heavy..so slayer should be at the top.
  7. shsnawada

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    ^ :RollLol: Hhahahahaha....
  8. the_wizard

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    He got banned for that post.
  9. shsnawada

    shsnawada Cyborgs & Pasta

    Neurosis is rightfully up that list.

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