44 Thing's that you watch in most of the hindi movies .

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    44 Thing's that you watch in most of the hindi movies .
    ----------------------------------------------------------Courtsy - FILM FARE

    No matter who is the director of the movies most of these scene's of situation you
    will see in a HINDI MOVIES . Just check it .

    Some parts of the article is edited by me . Indicated by *** 's .

    1- The hero will show no signs of pain when he's being beaten to a pulp
    by the local goondas . But he must wince when his leading lady gently
    cleans his wounds.

    2- A hero shooting 10 men has a better chance of killing all of them
    than the same 10 have of killing the hero .

    3- The woman wearing heavy make up is always the vamp .

    4- The cars will always run smoothly unless of course a maniac is chasing
    you .

    5- In horror movies actresses will always investigate strange noises coming
    from the kitchen and they must do it in the most R****LING nightgowns.

    6- Kitchens don't have light switches , so when you enter the kitchen at
    night you have to open the refrigerator door in order to liht up the
    room .

    7- The mother will always prove her love by making GAJAR KA HALWA and

    8- You never make the mistake of paying the cabbie in the movie , And if
    you do, you absolutely must not ask for change . i.e - Taxi No. 9211

    9- If there's a sister , she has to get r***d by the 10th scene.

    10- Any person coming back to consciousness after a fainting spell
    must murmur , " Main kahan hoon ? "

    11- anyperson having a nightmare must sit bolt upright in bed and scream
    his or her lungs out .

    12- The hero shall always stand first in his class. Unless of course he's
    a reble . Then he most definitely will flunk .

    13- Any sick person no matter what the sickness must vomit blood in his
    handkerchief .

    14- In the climax , just when the villian has overpowered the hero and
    all he needs to do is to shoot him , he'll spout heavy - duty dialougue
    and waste the opportunity .

    15- And if he does shoot him , the hero will show great foresight in wearing
    a bulletproof jacket .

    16- A bulletproof jacket is enough to protect the hero's head , his legs and
    his arms.

    17- In the chase sequence , the hero will never nab the baddie . The villians
    collar will never be an arm's distance from the hero. Unless of course
    it's the climax , then it's game over for the villian.

    18- If the hero is being chased by the bad guys , 10 out of 10 times , he
    will bump into a pole stumble , get up and run only to bump into
    another obstacle ahead .

    19- Every morning , the loving mother will make APNE HAATHON SE
    NAASHTA which no one in the family has anytime to eat . i.e - Hum aapke
    hain koun ?

    20- The hero , if he manages to eat will always have a toast in his mouth
    as he adjusts his trousers while leaving home .

    21- If you go out shopping you always have to buy a loaf of bread .

    22- A hero never faces murder charges , no matter how many lives he
    takes .

    23- The hero's name must be RAJ , RAHUL , VIJAY or PREM .
    i.e - Dilwaale Dulhania Le Jaayenge or most of the Shahrukh Khan
    movies , BIG B as VIJAY , SALMAN KHAN as PREM .

    24- When driving a car , the hero will spend all his time looking at the
    person sitting next to him rather than on the road . Talk about safe
    driving driving practices .

    25- In a war film , the guy who shows the photograph of his wife and children
    in his wallet will never make it to the end of the film . He is sure to be
    bumped off midway . i.e - Haqeekat , Border .

    26- If there's a misunderstanding that can be cleared with a simple
    explanation . The characters will keep their mouth shut .

    27- No one gets cut off midsentence on a cell phone unless of course they
    are about to clear up a misunderstanding . And they've never heared of
    redialling .

    28- If there's a working mother or father then he or she will never be able
    to make it to their child's birthday party or annual day function at
    school on time .

    29- You have to have a minimum of seven songs in a movie . The belief is
    that anything less and it'll misfire at the box office .

    30- All police investigations require at least one visit to a dance bar .
    i.e - Chandni Bar

    31- If a heroine is shown wearing skirts or hot pants , she has to switch to
    saris after she hooks up with the hero .

    32- In the climax scene , the women folk will always turn into abla naris
    and their lips will quiver in helplessness .

    33- In a fight sequence , the hero will get pummeled initially and just
    when all life seems to be seeping out of him and it is humanly
    impossible to even stand on his feet he'll turn the tables and
    soundly thrash his attackers .

    34- If a hero meets with an accident rest assured that nothing will happen
    to him .

    35- The hero never die . Period . Unless of course it is a reincarnation
    movie.Then he must die at interval point and reappear in the second
    half .

    36- The more a MAN and WOMAN HATE EACH OTHER , the MORE LIKELY

    37- The moment the hero and the heroine fall in love they must turn into
    poets of the highest order . The ensuing love song should be proof of
    that .

    38- If there's a pet shown in the film , he will definitely come in handy in
    the climax . It will either avenge the hero's death or help the hero fight
    the villians and in the process lay down his life or prove instrumental in
    bringing the lovers together . i.e - Hum aapke hain koun ?

    39- In a family drama , the wife will always appear from the kitchen wiping
    the sweat off her forehead and neck with her sari pallu , with a cup of
    tea in hand to show how hard she's been working .

    40- If a hero or heroine is carrying important documents in their bag , be
    sure they will be mugged on the road .

    41- If there is an emergency and the protagonist has to reach a place at a
    particular hour , he will never find a CAB .

    42- In the climax , just when the hero has turned the tables on the villian ,
    the hero's hapless mother will be introduced as a victim thus forcing the
    hero to lay down his arms .

    43- No matter which mother tongue the characters speak , they will converse
    in HINDI at all times even when talking to their family .

    44- If the hero wants to woo a girl all he has to do is save her from some
    goondas . If it is a character artist then she has to tie a rakhi on his
    arm .
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