400 worm cysts removed from mans brain

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    Lying at the ICU of the Sion Hospital, Mohammed Hasseb, 21, is a relieved man today. Doctors on June 26 successfully removed 400 worm cysts from his skull.

    A startling number, previously unrecorded in medical corridors, say doctors. Faizabad-based Hasseb, a barber, came to Mumbai on June 15 after he failed to afford treatment there.

    "I had severe headaches since December and my vision started blurring. However, my treatment got delayed because we could not afford Rs 40,000 the local hospitals were demanding,' recalls Hasseb.

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    400!!! :shock: :shock: Shocking!!

    Why did the doctor remove those? Those worms also have brain :p:
    brain of 1 worm X 400...
    Oh!! That man ud bcome Einstien!! :RollLol: :RollLol:
    *Joking* :eek::
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    OMG! :shock:
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    I "ewwwed" while reading the n00ze paper in the morning, damn, I couldn't even crap properly.

    BTW this is a good example to show to those people who dont believe in washing/cleaning their food or hand before eating.

    Eh, including me. :shock:
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    :shock: .........
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    hello to all the MEMBERS!!!!!!!!
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    wrong thread. Open a seperate thread and post it there...

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