325 tabs, leads and chords that i collected from igt

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  1. sujitcool2007

    sujitcool2007 New Member

    some part of the collection is even developed by me,,, but it is for sure that you all will like this collection./.... do reply and rank me....

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  2. josemon99

    josemon99 New Member

    Good job dude thanksss.......
  3. sujitcool2007

    sujitcool2007 New Member

    you are welcome buddy !!!!

    thanks for replying to my post... else i was thinking that all people on igt only know how to download... and not reply...

    thanks a lot!!!
  4. sujitcool2007

    sujitcool2007 New Member

    Hello Everyone !!! What happened??? why you people are just downloading the stuff... please comment something atleast if you like it....
  5. krazzynick

    krazzynick New Member

    Great collection dude ......Good JOb...
  6. rockkidzz

    rockkidzz New Member

    thanks man :)
  7. sujitcool2007

    sujitcool2007 New Member

    thanks a lot buddies...

    if you need any tabs please check out my new thread and post your request over there,,,,
  8. anchit sood

    anchit sood New Member

    how long have u been playin the guitar... its been an year and i also want to learn to find the tabs for any song ... how do u do that??
  9. shivam_rocks93

    shivam_rocks93 New Member

    gr8 wrk NICE JOB
  10. Sajjad_guitar

    Sajjad_guitar New Member


    thanks for the notes, i still have to check it once done will get in touch.. thanks again
  11. sandeepsharman

    sandeepsharman New Member

    Hi sujit, Im sandeep guitarist & vocalist

    I really appreciate ur interest & ur collections are awesome, in some songs where u get the chords ex: euphoria maeri & so on, try to find out the scale of the song & apply chord progression u ill really get it.

    In some of the songs chord progressions are not as per the theory so u can follow progression theory for that.

    Give some time ill join with u to correct it, & also lead part can change a bit where landing notes are overwhelming(lower notes) rest of all is good

    reply me if im wrong
  12. Deepak khattana

    Deepak khattana New Member

    kasam se maja aa gaya . thanks
  13. mrinaal.sharma

    mrinaal.sharma New Member

    Nice work bro.... me back on the site after ages...and really lots of good stuff to begin with.. this weekend is going to be defenitly good. ;-) and ya.. reps for you...
  14. prashGmaj

    prashGmaj New Member

    very nice dude all at one place nice collection ...
  15. prashGmaj

    prashGmaj New Member

    Req of chords for " Ajab lehar hai " from break ke baad

    can anybody know chords for ajab leher hai...
    i know its on Dm scale but not conform
    plz can anyone helps..
  16. unit4echy

    unit4echy New Member

    thanks a lot!!
  17. G-string

    G-string New Member

    Thnks 4 ur effort budd.......

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