3 - Po Nee Po

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  1. rajeshguitar

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    Creating this requesting as per Danielraj's original request.
    I haven't spent too much time decoding this.

    I believe the chords are C, Am, F, Dm

    Repetition of these chords through most of the song seems to work ok.
    Can anyone please confirm if these chords are correct?

  2. vinodronold

    vinodronold New Member

  3. rajeshguitar

    rajeshguitar New Member


    Thank you. I tried your chords for both Po Nee Po and
    Née Partha songs. They sounded pretty good.
    Can you please try to post the chords for
    'Kannazhaga' from 3 Moonu movie.

    BTW, your website looks clean and nice.
  4. rajeshguitar

    rajeshguitar New Member

    I am eager to see your version of the same?
    Can you please post?
    Thank you,
  5. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    Thaniyaa(Gm)ga thavikindren, thunaivendaam anbe po
    Pinamaa(Eb)ga nadakindren, uyir ven(Cm)daam dhooram po
    Ne tho(Gm)tta idamellam erikirathu anbe po
    Naan po(Eb)gum nimidangal unakaa(Cm)gum anbe po

    Idhu ven(Gm)daam anbe po
    Nijam thaedum anbe po
    Uyiro(Eb)du vilaayada Vidhi sei(Cm)dhaai anbe po

    (Gm)Unnaale uyir vaazhgiren...
    (Gm)Unnaale u(Bb)yir vaazhgiren (EbM7)unakaaga (Cm)penneee(F)eee
    (Gm)Uyir kaadhal (Bb)nee kaatinaal, (EbM7)maravene (Cm)penneee(F)ee

    (Gm)Idhuvarai unnudan vaazhndha en naatkal
    marumurai vaazhnthida vazhi illaya
    Irul ullae thediya thedalgal ellaam
    vidiyalai kaanavum vidhi illaya


    Rajesh :music:
  6. rajeshguitar

    rajeshguitar New Member

    Thanks Roentgen.

    Requesting your post on 'Nee Partha' from the same movie sung by Vijay Yesudas and Swetha Mohan.
    Beautifully sung!

  7. vinodronold

    vinodronold New Member

  8. raaju

    raaju New Member

    songs for po nee po go like Am Em F G thru out the whole song !!
  9. 'Jasmin'

    'Jasmin' New Member

    That was very helpful
    I have a Youtube account and so I'll be using these chords...
    With your permission?
  10. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    Huh....are you talking about the same song??
  11. raaju

    raaju New Member

    Yes.. i meant for the same song.. It sounded good for me.. :p :)
  12. lohkain04

    lohkain04 New Member

    tanx 4 d chords..itz easy..strumming pattern 4 poo ne poo???
  13. danielraj

    danielraj New Member

    thanks bro...
  14. ajay_jk

    ajay_jk New Member

    hai , i'm beginner for guitar cn any plz give me notes with images of notes plz
  15. selvarajvignesh

    selvarajvignesh New Member

    the song sounds better in Am scale rather than in Gm scale.Am-Dm-Em-F-G progression sounds perfect for the mood

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