3 Original Songs by me. what you think?

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    You are pop art
    You are crystal movement
    You are everything acrylic, into it, video swoop ink
    You are swirling hairdo
    You are vital organs
    You believe, believe, believe, believe..
    You are faux post- modern
    You are often crying
    You are impressionist, into this, tenuously confident
    You are four syllables
    You are psychotically equitable
    You leave me everywhere, no where, over there, thank you
    You are smoking, health care
    You are love heart, flow chart
    You are flashing, graphing, tabbing my discrepancies
    Feel your fingers moving
    You are leaving me
    ( )
    You are leaving me
    ( )
    You are leaving me


    I’m pulling my head out of the ground
    Holding on to the movements with sounds
    Sugar pill, don’t want to talk now
    Pulling in, vomiting in the sink now
    Walk 3 blocks, show I care
    God knows what’s in him, I’m prepared
    Should I be scared that I'll lose a grasp of what's real?
    Usually I'd want to stay home but
    somehow they get through to me with
    (People always) Pushing and screaming
    and now and again, I want to feel needed
    But I don’t want to talk now
    Don’t make me talk now
    No cathedral close, won’t say a prayer now
    Heard so many things, Been taught, let it go
    The boy's here, he's wearing your clothes
    Parallel figures, never touching
    Tracing circles, pretending to be young
    Then black spots guide you back to the neo-ground
    Mirror reflections, walking back to town
    And you need him , he don’t need you, but you feed it , won’t let it go
    He’s clenched in your hands , disappearing through a gash
    He’s pushing you further into the clouds
    But the ride up isn’t half the way down
    Now look who's so low, they walk overhead
    Don't want to talk now
    I'll just feed on my thoughts now
    Keep your head up, I never do
    Looking up is always worse than keeping low


    How is it just and how can it be?
    That she, my true love
    that she, giver of hope
    That she, my most adored
    Forgets I'm there.
    At first, yeah, I laughed
    When you pretended to not see me
    But it's gone on way too long now
    Something's wrong, something's wrong with love
    Cause I know it just aint us..
    Oh ow! Love is blind
    Someone call a surgeon
    Love is blind
    Need to operate urgent
    For the love of mankind
    (Love is b, b, blind! x 3)

    You can never hear me when I call your name
    It was pretty loud inside though, Yeah, I think it was
    I bought you a present, had to get out a loan
    But since you got that caller I.D, you're never at home
    This ****'s gone on pretty long, is somethin' wrong?
    See you aren't listening...oh ow...
    Love aint blind, Love is deaf
    Something's wrong with love
    I knew it wasn't just us
    Love is deaf (since when)
    And needs support (right now)
    When love can't hear (doctor, please!)
    t t t t that's when shhhhh

    Saw you in the street today
    With some guy and yeah
    You were holding hands, Maybe he's a cousin..
    I tried to say hello but uh, he was playing a little rough
    I guess your cousin is pretty tough
    It aint us
    Baby, it aint just us
    love is blind, deaf and tough
    I guess love is pretty tough huh
    (Way tougher than me, huh)
    My bones are brittle so let me be
    Call the nurse (the one that drives the hearse)
    Cause love is dead
    Cause love is dead
    l, l love is d, d, dead
    Love is tough. But enough is enough.
    uh, if people ask, I got rid of her
    I'm too skiny and love's so tough.

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    hey ur a nice lyricist
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    Nice one dude, reading some quality stuff after quite some time

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