3 more BAND-MEMBERS wanted.. needamass playaa..

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  1. i_m_dum_ass#

    i_m_dum_ass# New Member

    hello bretheren

    We r looking to put together a ****ing kiss ass punk/hardcore/melOdik/alt band.. i'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist/drumer/composer/organizer .. what i'm looking for are likeminded heads nd ass... a driving bassist... and an enigmatic drummer and a hard-rock lead guitarist ..already have a mind-fuking and ass-blowing rythm-guitarist(he is too cool punk-hunk to jam around da overseas bands, so need something to compare with his punk ass)..

    band will write songs about angst and politically motivated.. nd on every sheit thing hapening around.. intellectual music.. with a twist... and we can write songs about GIRLS too I have tons of songs i've written that could make controversies around the country.. but no band to play with

    I am NOT-MUCH into metal, nu metal, death metal or anything like that... basically.. punk/indie/alt/folk/weird shit.. but even ready to get lil bit hard n heavy ass ..

    must be influenced by the following: nirvana, fugazi, replacements, husker du, mogwai, godspeed you black emperor, black flag, sonic youth, dinosaur jr, cap n jazz, appleseed cast, arcade fire, at the drive in, pixies,
    radiohead, beatles, dylan, the cure, dead kennedys, elliott smith, flaming lips, grateful dead, john cage.... and anything else remotely similar to the above mentioned bands. if you want to listen to the above bands but have no access.. email me at the address below..

    i'm a good writer.. and if the band comes together i can organize gigs, recording, touring around the country.. etc..

    i m located and shuffling between cities of Gujarat .. but ready to move ass around whole india and overseas (with my rythm guitarist..) once the band is formed

    melodic hardcore punk which is intelligent and can bust out a folk jam at the drop of a hat on the fly... goet what i'm sayin? we will do orignal songs.. that will kick ****ing ass! (and throw in the odd black flag or husker du cover now and then... and maybe a lil nirvana to boot ..if any 1 like it? bcause my rythm guitarist hate it)

    i think you all got it now what i mean?

    any takers? email me : sFkr [at] cooltoad [dot] com or call at 9924296618 or pm me!

    lets ****ing do this and kick start a revolution!

    GIMME_TABS New Member

    Wanna join a band

    hi dude ,sup & all, look! i wanna join a band, cos i wanna have fun,I play hindi film music,I play guitar,mandolin and bit of keyboard ,several of hindi song leads and preludes, I m not a chord guy,but surely would like to learn if some1 teaches me. Maybe u wanna chk me out ,
    mail me sateeshkumaar2002@gmail.com or call up 9960177798.just call me up and together we will rock this world..
  3. radicalz_adi

    radicalz_adi New Member

    ^^^ such persons shouldnt be allowed to play guitar....not a chord guy n wateva wat do u mean by that....u don even know how to play chords... can we expect satriani frm u...ha lol
  4. radicalz_adi

    radicalz_adi New Member

    and well so that there are no controversies again i said that cuz such pple hav jus started learnin and need a band,,,,
  5. i_m_dum_ass#

    i_m_dum_ass# New Member

    ..listen dude its NOT FuN ..only people with serous ass r needed ..we dOnt wanto b a assukin teachers(so called SiR) ..its gonna b a PRO BaND#
  6. radicalz_adi

    radicalz_adi New Member

    cmon dude use a normal language....
  7. god of guitar85

    god of guitar85 GUITARPLAYER

    @ass - dude first of all u gotta respect ppl and calling dem moron and other shit its not gonna take u anywhere.wid tht kinda attitude i doubt u can even play in india forget abroad. u behave as if u r former member of nirvana, metallica... even they dont show such attitude. so just chill out u'll get guyz who hve got same taste in music as urs !!!

    @gimme tabs - dude how do you expect to get in a band when u dont even kno how 2 play chords which is one of da basic thing needed to play a guitar. first learn all da aspects of guitar and then think abt getting in a band!!
  8. radicalz_adi

    radicalz_adi New Member

    seriously listen to satch,vai,page....
  9. i_m_dum_ass#

    i_m_dum_ass# New Member

    yup guyz.. i m chill now ..its just lil bit of hury thats driving me so obscure
  10. Petunia

    Petunia terminally dorky

    @ass: i gotta agree with god, your "kick-ass" attitude is really going to bring your downfall. you brag so much about your cocky ass endeavors and hi-flying ambitions.. why don't you post some of your previous work on here?

    let some of us read a couple of your lyrics; let us know what the rest of us might be getting into. get some of your recordings on here..
    lets see what your "dum ass" got. :cool:
  11. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    They say crappy music is bad for your sex drive.
  12. amitrichardxess

    amitrichardxess New Member




  13. Petunia

    Petunia terminally dorky

    ^ :shock:
    ok, it wasnt THAT funny..

    ill just pretend you were stoned when you typed that.
  14. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    :eek:: ...................................
  15. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    I thought it might be sarcasm but that still wouldn't make sense so I'll go with stoned.
  16. i_m_dum_ass#

    i_m_dum_ass# New Member

    wOu..wou.. it realy got heated up guyz..
    ..come on ppl i alredy had ma chill-pill dose ..i m chill nd gud! :)
  17. Petunia

    Petunia terminally dorky

    @bjr: lol.. yea, definitely stoned.
    ha. ive never heard a fellow punk rocker use all that terminology at once. amazing. and i think im speaking for all my brothas out there. :cool:
  18. radicalz_adi

    radicalz_adi New Member

    here at igt we hav a habit of spamming threads......sad....
  19. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    What is sadder is how we aren't open to constructive criticism.
  20. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    ^^How can criticism be "constructive"?? PLz Xplain...

    Edited: YEaaaaaaaeee!! BJR n I have same post count :p:

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