170Mbps Through an Electrical Socket

Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by lord_neo, Oct 4, 2005.

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    Matsu****a showed off an exceptionally high-speed Internet through an ordinary electrical socket at a Japanese trade-fair. Matsu****a Electronics has claimed a breakthrough in powerline broadband by running an Internet connection through an ordinary electrical socket, using a new chip. At a tradeshow in Japan on Thursday the company demonstrated a network capable of running at 170Mbps over the electrical network.

  2. shsnawada

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    Wow!! Great stuff.......

    If only this thing would be as economical as the 100Mbps in 2 years, that would be great.

    Two years later the'll find out something that does it at 250Mbps. I'll post my comment two years earlier:

    Wow!!! Great stuff.......

    If only this thing would be as economical as the 170Mbps, it would be great.

    And two years later........

    Funny that Matsushiita gets censored.
  3. the_wizard

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    heard bout it earlier...but it sounded kinda fiction to me....but gr8 step....for those who got no access to internet...and regarding installing the chip in TVs Refridgerators etc...whoa.....tht is kewl...

    and funny Matsushita getting censored

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