11 wives, 25 kids and going strong .

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    Africa's 36-year-old, last absolute monarch King Mswati III of Swaziland, has married a lecturer's daughter Noliqwa Ntentesa in a secret ceremony, making her his 11th wife.

    21-year-old Noliqwa is pregnant with his 25th child, and under Swazi tradition a King can only marry a woman after she becomes pregnant.

    The King also plans to make two 17-year-old women as his 12th and 13th wives, and one of them is also pregnant, reports The Mirror.

    King Mswati is often accused for living in lavish palaces and having a luxurious lifestyle where more than one million of the people living in his kingdom suffer from poverty and misery.

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    the people of the west, especially Denmark and New Zealand and a few others, seem to have taken a special liking to the above african custom.....almost a third of the first borns of Denmark are born out of wedlock... often the "king" in question, never bothers to marry the woman after er.. mothering her (or conversely, the woman never feels it necessary to marry the er.. king)......

    the funny thing is... when it happens in africa, it serves to show just how "backward, tribal, primitive, chauvinistic blah blah" africa is... but the same phenomenon in the west - showcases how "cool, kitsch, sophisticated, modern, progressive, blah blah" the west is !!!!
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    woah its like osama bin laden's dad had something like 20 wives and around 80-100 kids.... !
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    10/10 - for a cool cool reply !!!

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