101 Chords at once...Enjoy!!!!

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  1. passione4guitar

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    Hi everyone,
    Here are couple of songs with chords. All these are either from this very website or from some other guitar sites. I have just compiled them together over here. I have not tabbed any of these and I don't intend to take the credit for the work I haven't done. Just want to make it more accessible. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have tabbed these beautiful songs....Enjoy!!!!!!

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  2. amitcool95

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    this is such a nice work that i am really surprised for the work done by you
    really thanks a ton
  3. kvineet

    kvineet New Member

    thanks, bro!
    I am a beginner and was looking for place to start learning chords.... it will be ages before I exhaust this list :)
    thanks again!!

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