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  1. harmonizer
    harmonizer ashley121
    It's dead, Ash!
  2. harmonizer
    harmonizer Super-Admin
    bhai band kar diye kya forum?
  3. Yasa MusicTV
  4. Yasa MusicTV
  5. Yasa MusicTV
    Yasa MusicTV
  6. Yasa MusicTV
    Yasa MusicTV
    Playing Keyboard Chords..
  7. Yasa MusicTV
    Yasa MusicTV roentgen
    Hi Rajesh ji... Requesting Poonguyile poonguyile , Raasave Unnai vidamaten , Vaanmathiye Chords from Movie Aranmanai Kili. All Gems of ilayaraja. Unable to find anywhere in internet.
  8. nikhileshsorate07
  9. Sai ragav
  10. vs.suresh
    Guitar is my Passion
  11. jimihndrx
    !!! Most Unique and Most Original !!!
  12. Nandan sharma
    Nandan sharma
    Ask for guitar chords
  13. Nandan sharma
    Nandan sharma
    Guitar lover
  14. ashley121
  15. Ashok Kotiya
    Ashok Kotiya
    Learning Guitar for FUN
  16. Anup Toppo
    Anup Toppo
    Hi I'm avaliable.
  17. heispa1
    heispa1 abhishekmalyala
    Hi Abhishek,
    Related to Kamani ee prema lekhane from Guna.
    Can you kindly share the video that u have played to
    your tabs are just amazing. trying very hard to play it.
    Thanks again ahead .
  18. slash0211
    Jazzelinn Guitar School - Trinity & Rockschool Grades. 9873793090
  19. slash0211
    Jazzelinn Guitar School - Trinity & Rockschool Grades.
  20. Kumar2015
    Kumar2015 jimihndrx
    Hello Mr. jimihndrx. Been following your posts and been using them to play guitar. A big thank you for sharing music. I do have a small request. Can you please post the chords of the song Ruthke humse kabhi from the movie Jo Jeeta wohi Sikander. It is a very special song for me. Again, thank you for sharing. Bye.
    1. jimihndrx
      You are welcome. Will try to do your song when I get some time.
      Nov 8, 2018
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