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  1. Prasenjit Akopot Ghosal
    Prasenjit Akopot Ghosal
    hii I want the chords of rup suhana lagta hain from the film GENTLEMAN
    Knowledge Will You Power,But Character Respect.
  3. Soubhik Baidya
  4. shreesuni_nair
  5. Himanshu upadhyay
    Himanshu upadhyay nandy0894
    As nature said that make a life on earth
    i.e ( Be Happy Always )
  6. exceelbee
  7. Aieser Qiew
  8. navin modi
    navin modi
    great initiative
  9. Santanu Barai
    Santanu Barai
    Amay Deko na by Lucku Akondo

    (c#m)Amay deko na
    Ferano jabe (F#m) na
    Ferari pakhi(B)raa.(A)
    Kulay fere (C#m)naa.

    Bibagi a (B)mon niye
    (G#m)Jonmo (C#m)amar
    Jay na badha (B)amake
    Ko(A)no pichhu (G#)taner mayay..(C#m)

    (C#m)Amay deko naa
    Ferano jabe (F#m)na
    Ferari pakhi(B)ra...(A)
    Kulay Fere(C#m)na

    Shesh hok a (B)khela
    (G#m)Ebarer (C#m)moto
    Minoti kori (B)amake ...
    Ha(A)shi mukhe (G#)biday janao..(C#m)

    (C#m)Aamay deko na
    Ferano jabe (F#m)na
    Ferari pakhi(B)ra...(A)
    Kulay fere(C#m)na
  10. chordindonesia
  11. devi
    devi abhishekmalyala
    hi sir how are you? I have a small doubt... how can we recognise notes for a particular song for eg if we take maate matramo song then how to identify maate i know there will come 2 notes but will it sa,ga or re,ga or ga,ma ..... i think you understood my question is there anyway by which we can identify?
  12. johnvalentina
    Need guitar tabs for Nalam Nalamariya aaval song from Kadhal Kottai movie
  13. Ben Thomas
    Ben Thomas passione4guitar
    Hai sir can u give some guitar [email protected] this is my gmail
  14. tripravi
    tripravi nikhil_salil
    Please give me the guitar chords for dil aisa kisi ne mera choda from Ananush. Thank you.
  15. lbollywoodnews
  16. Tanveerthedevil
    I am a beginner and just started playing on guitars but still I have learnt nothing please help me
  17. gauthemvivek
    Hi.. Im new to this forum, can anybody post guitar chords for En Kadhal Solla Neram illai song.

  18. jimihndrx
    I'll give it a try.
  19. kushansudan
    kushansudan jimihndrx
    Could you give me chords for song
    Yun toh jaate hue- jagjit singh

    I have figured it to be Bm E initially but not sure. Looking forward to you.
  20. siddude
    hi friends i need friends just send me a single request i will accept as soon i will come online