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  1. AMIT98753
    available always to help
  2. Santanu Maiti
    Santanu Maiti
    Need chords for song 'amar to galpo bola kaaj' from the movie bastushaap. Please help.
  3. Navneet Arya
  4. Navneet Arya
  5. Navneet Arya
  6. vinodh9148
    vinodh9148 roentgen
    hi can u plz tell me chords of agar thum saath ho and pray for me brother plzz...
  7. Gopal Mishra
  8. Himanshu rai
    Himanshu rai
    I want to play guitar but I don't know how to play ... Plz somebody help me...
    1. Music School of Delhi
      Music School of Delhi
      Oct 20, 2017
  9. bioveppon
    hi i like to play guitar plz any one help me to play the guitar a master ...
  10. D minor
    D minor
    Hic manebimus optime
  11. NaveenSolo
    B like a Musician rather than nothing
  12. djdivesh007
    Guitar + Keyboard
  13. Tamanna07
    Hi guys any one give tab for old tamil song ninaipatallam nadanthuvittal x
  14. Les Paul 007
    Les Paul 007
    "Good Music Has No Expiry Date"
  15. avinash1122
    avinash1122 Talia
    Hey talia my names avinash or ash. I would like ta be your friend
  16. Rocker481
    Purani jeans aur guitar ...♩
  17. looking_to_jam
    Hey, Looking for jam sessions to participate in. I'm a guitarist, been playing for a while, good fingers. Location: Delhi, Gurgaon Any genre
    1. looking_to_jam
      Preferably weekend. I only have an acoustic, so if you're cool with it please respond, or i can also play electric if you have an extra one.,
      Jun 6, 2017
  18. rrajendra
    rrajendra vs.suresh
    Sir please provide Raja Raja Cholan naan song guitar tabs lead notes
  19. rrajendra
    rrajendra vs.suresh
    Requesting guitar tabs lead notes for jaane do na jaane jaane do na in Tamil vizhiyile undan vizhiyile, in kannada jotheyali jothe jotheyali...
  20. rrajendra
    rrajendra vs.suresh
    Dear sir can you provide ilamayenum poongatru lead notes please?