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  1. Mistan Khomdram
    Mistan Khomdram
    anyone who wants to buy contact 9632236992 for details
  2. Mistan Khomdram
    Mistan Khomdram
    The guitar is about 2 years old with minor traces of use. Well maintained.
  3. Mistan Khomdram
    Mistan Khomdram
    I am selling Dean Razorback Biomech Floyd Rose guitar. It's a signature Dimebag model with Dime stance at the back of the head stock.
  4. sanjurajin
    Living Guitar Again !!
  5. satabdi khanna
    satabdi khanna
    Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard Vocal- Indian Classical Music and other light vocals. Guitar Keyboard - Indian Classical CALL @ 9643808706
  6. _chogyal
    Be a person of moral value.
  7. lochand94
  8. Xentra gen
    Xentra gen
    Anyone know how to play assamese song ganja rocks by suzoon guitar intro tab
  9. gameshop4u
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  10. amit toppo
    amit toppo
    Pls send me (zero) psp 12 guitar tabs
  11. tripravi
    tripravi roentgen
    Dear. Thanks for your guitar chords posting. I enjoyed playing. Have a request.
    Song :Gaanam then kartrodu pooi sollum.
    Film. Kannukoru vannakili
    It's available in you tube.
    Quite an subtle amazing song by Ilayaraja Sir.
    Iam sure you and friends here will like it.
    Thank you. Regards. Ravikumar. D
  12. parnikaaruna
    parnikaaruna AMIT98753
    Can you tell me how to identify tabs for a song on our own?
  13. parnikaaruna
    willing to learn carnatic ragas on guitar
  14. devi
    Love music
  15. AMIT98753
    available always to help
  16. Santanu Maiti
    Santanu Maiti
    Need chords for song 'amar to galpo bola kaaj' from the movie bastushaap. Please help.
  17. Navneet Arya
  18. Navneet Arya
  19. Navneet Arya
  20. vinodh9148
    vinodh9148 roentgen
    hi can u plz tell me chords of agar thum saath ho and pray for me brother plzz...