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help me!!!

  1. Aviz27
    Dont know what to go for.
    have only 6000 bucks in pocket can spend nt more thn that, want to learn how to play guitar. But never ever played any guitar so dnt have any idea what to go for. Some people suggested me pluto some suggested granda but i know my dad if in case any guitar becomes creepy after 6-8 months he wont let me have another one this is first and last chance for me to buy guitar. After that i will buy it on my own earning. These bucks are my saving so don't want to waste them on such a guitar which creates an issue for me after some time or so. A friend said to buy a yamaha but its costlier one cannot afford it.
    So i want all you experts to suggest me such a brand which comes under 6000 bucks and moreover the guitar works for me for 2-3 years without creating and issue.
    As i have never brought any guitar earlier so plz tell me how to verify a guitar what to look for .
    And plz mention the model no and price. Also how to check the model no.
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