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GUITAR just as a hobby.. OR sumthing more...

  1. harshrocks
    guyzz do write ur views bout dis.......... :)
  2. songs4humanity
    harsh , i music is my hobby , but love music. and i want to make a songs on social work,
  3. harshrocks
    hello... nice 2 hear frm u broohh.. n well song on a social work.. datz really very appreciabl brother, cuz mostly ppl wana get famous datz it.. but reals means of music comes wen u give peopl a message.. :)...
  4. deepkush
    any1 who is passionate and love music will love to play guitar as well ,,,so is the case with me ...:)
  5. srijan1991
    guitar is the most common way when u start understandin and loving music....Guitar justs makes a person love music...Atleast thats the case for me..Firstly guitar was nothin but cool...But after a year..this is my life...moreover music is..I learned to play mouth organ synth and much more just coz i love music..
  6. tkharishkarthik
    I love the way a guitar sounds... Not just guitar, I love almost all string instruments... But when I picked up a guitar for the first time, I knew I wasn't gonna let go of it, without learning to play... So here I am, wildly fascinated by guitar and music theory, but with no back ground in music, am going through slowly...

    Its no more a hobby... Once I understood how beautiful and creative you can get with a guitar, it's now a part of my life...
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