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  1. sgt.misery
    One of the greatest guitarist in my opinion....His solo in floods is my most favourite among the 100 greatest solos. His gut wrenching tone , soulful & powerful compositions made him so versatile. Be it the raw and powerful riff of Walk, the melody of Cemetery Gates, uniqueness in Revolution is my Name, darkness in This Love, shredding in Domination or catchy rhythm in Cowboys in Hell. He had everything that would make up the perfect guitarist. R.I.P. Dime....
  2. jimihndrx
    Dime was a legend.
    He invented groove metal.
    Sum less known trivia abt him:
    (1)he was a huge fan of Ace Frehly (KISS lead guitarist)he tatooed his name on his chest and got signed on it by Frehly himself.
    (2)his last wish was to get burried along with Eddie Van Halen's guitar whom Dime was a great admirer.
    To which Eddie obliged and laid his favourite guitar 'bumblebee' in his casket after his death.
  3. victor_ssr
    john fruciante (RHCP)
    i love his solo ... both on record and on live performance.... Californication
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