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Metallica rocks!!!!

  1. Anchit7
    my fav band is metallica....i am totally crazy about the playing style of their lead guitarist kirk hammett!!!!
  2. vkeym
    hmm..gr8 band of all tym!!!wats ur fav song of metallica??
  3. Anchit7
    i m indifferent b/w..
    the day that never comes...
    enter sandman....
    nothing else matters....
    what about u??
  4. pratz90
    gr8, I respect ur choice..btw did u hear the new album lulu?????
    that sh*t's gonna change your thinking(sorry for the language)..
  5. boogeyman
    Metallica is one of the all time greats no doubt abt that..... Problem arises when they try something different from metal and then they really go down all the way..... But yes, the first 4 albums and a few songs of black were really great specially kill em all and master of puppets..
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