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Joe Satriani V/S Steve Vai

  1. Devain2000
    Hi guys who is da Best Joe or Steve. I believe Joe is god of guitar...
  2. shekhararora
    hey we knw joe is steve's teacher.......but they both are good........and i think there is some level that they both are really genius.......joe is melodically genius and steve is technically..........and i think we both cant jugde their reach that who is best......they are guitar gods....both are best in their own style.....i love them too like you buddy
  3. jimihndrx
    Joe Satriani is better than Steve Vai becoz many of steve's techniques are taught by Joe like 2 handed and 1 handed tapping, legato harmonics, playing on fretless guitar etc.
    After all Joe was guitar instructor to Steve.
    They still 'rock on' on their G3 concerts \m/
  4. Iwalkalone1
    They both are same to me! Love listening to them!
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