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Analgesic abusers anonymous

  1. alpha1
    ... and now what shall we do?
    twiddle our thumbs?
  2. No n00bs .. no fun.
  3. augur
    Didn't think that I would have such amazing response so did not think ahead.
  4. haunting
    seems like that
  5. aniketdave
    hmmmm..... now what?
  6. augur
    Now nothing.
  7. The shit's gone for me btw .. I'd changed the skin from bottom left hand corner and it won't come back now.

    I guess the shit has been flushed n I'm back on the old skin.
  8. augur
    IGT's in a recession.
  9. angel_of_sin
    hey dis group aint so anonymous.....
  10. augur
    I can't leave!!
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