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    Jul 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by dimebag_dimebag
    if u really want to criticise other ppls lists y dont u just see the list of best guitarists u made and read people flaming it...
    u hit the nail on the head!

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    Aug 2004
    aha...u guys have taken an oath to put me down or what? why r u guys always after my opinion. and, if u can include 'flea' and 'jason ' or 'rob' on the list why can't i include curt?I don't think Flea does fall on the top 5 guitarist of any sane ratings. Yeah, I like him and his funky riffs/licks but i don't think his bass-lines are of any classic
    sort. one thing most of you have misunderstood is that being hard to play does not necessarily mean the song is good, simple to even simpler songs outstand those so-called toughies. Can you say that 'brown eyed girl' or 'leaving on a jet plane' inferior to 'bloody roots'(sepulura) just becoz of the difficulty? think abt it and think carefully before u criticize anybody or post anything.
    Have A nice DAy :D

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    Sep 2004
    ^^^ u win..

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    Jun 2004
    Ian Hill
    Cliff Burton (i dont like Jason newsted as much hes cool n everything tho)
    Duff Mckagan (after GN'R when he joined VR he wrote Set Me Free, Sucker Train Blues and a few others hes gotten better)
    Flea - Gotta love him
    cant get anyone else thru my heaD right now.

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    Nov 2005
    man this thread is weird
    no steve di giorgio on the lists

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    Aug 2005
    Jonas Hellborg
    Victor Wooten
    John Patitucci
    Jaco Pastorias
    Sean Reinert

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    Jan 2005
    all r good till they got the bass
    No one knows what it's likeTo be the bad manTo be the sad manBehind blue eyesAnd no one knowsWhat it's like to be hatedTo be fated to telling only lies

    But my dreams they aren't as emptyAs my conscience seems to beI have hours, only lonelyMy love is vengeanceThat's never free

    No one knows what its likeTo feel these feelingsLike i do, and i blame you!No one bites back as hardOn their angerNone of my pain and woeCan show through


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