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    is red hot chili peppers ever coming to india ??????????
    i love them...i miss them...
    this is more of a 'let the world know i want them here ' more than an opinion based thing.. but i would love to know who else here likes them...
    coz i seem to be the only person i know around who absolutely adores them..

    and i had also heard ofthese big biggg ppl. coming to u2 , joe satriani, alanis , blah blah ...
    i doubt its happ. at all...

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    NuageOutlaw is offline Guitarist
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    Aug 2003
    I like em too, are they touring asia? I didnt know that.....would love to see em

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    Well... if you want RHCP to tour India, just wishing so wont help. Unlike what most people believe, touring countries isn't something which is in the band's hands. There are a lot of other people involved who tell the band stuff like, "You'll be touring XYZ country next month." and the band does that. So RHCP will be able to tour India if and only if these people think that there will be a lot of profit involved. And that can only happen if you guys buy a lot of RHCP merchandise and do all that you can to let the world know that India is dying for an RHCP tour. Same with Satriani and co. Posting such messages on the net may also help.

    I believe that G3 was supposed to be held in India last year but due to the SAARS issue, the whole Asia tour was cancelled.

    U2, Bryan Adams etc... are the sort of people who usually tour India. I wouldn't be surprised to see Linkin Park come here in the next 5-10 yrs time. Though, I couldn't care less.
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