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    Nov 2004
    nirvana were 1000 times better than beatles that boy band from the 60s

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    Dec 2004
    if the musik is immortal becomes a legend ........simple is that
    if Nirvana s musik was not so wud hav faded away

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    Oct 2004
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    ^Yeah, true legends, Nirvana. Can we give it a rest now?
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    Jul 2004
    1,249 big time..they had like a few good songs...that was it.........
    and like asmo said....they achieved the cult status after kurt killed himself........
    and Nirvana can never even come close to GNR........GNR would squish Nirvana.....annhilate them........
    NIRVANA have a few good sounding songs..thats it......boring D87 said..about the disllusioned u got a sad hoo.........
    nirvana cant be caled legends in any way
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    Feb 2005

    i realized my first message was a bit offensive

    chill dude !

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    Aug 2004
    I dont think Nirvana was underrated. They brought in a change in music by putting an end to the long long rock era that was getting monotonous. They had the drive to turn the whole music industry. I really respect them for that. Musically they might be pathetic and any garage band might sound better than them. Their ability to bring in change to the music scene in the whole world was phenomenal. If you disagree try doing some original stuffs (let it be good or bad) and get the whole world dump everything and listen to you. In a nutshell what guys like Satriani or Vai or anyone else couldn't do, he did it like a walk in the park. Dont get me wrong. I am not comparing their music or their musical talent, just the ability to churn the whole music industry irrespective of whatever he played. By the way, personally I dont like the music of Nirvana but I do respect their ability.

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    Apr 2005
    everyone finds anything most wanted only when something of or in it missing.its as simple as that.but i one thing i cant tell u and thats what we are tottering abt.evryone will have their own opinions abt everything.but still some one from somewhere will again continue the talk to lengthen the thread.

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    Apr 2005
    NIRVANA....brings back memories of easy to play doesnt mean they werent intoxicating..for me nirvana songs are a culmination of different things new and unusual...curts voice...cut thru me....the guitar and took me somewhere ....artistic temper cannot be understood...only felt....go to your room....turn off the some light songs by nirvana...try not to make sense of the lyrics....just listen...the flow...the all will come together to take u somewhere......inside ur head....go and experience the journey i have .....i love the personality of the band...peace..out!

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    Dec 2004
    Well said.... nice.. Im repping ya for this...
    If the Hair ain't Long, then something is Wrong

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    May 2005
    people like you made nirvana popular, people like you killed cobain and now people like you blame him. SHAME IN YOU!!!!

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    sam_rules is offline Tabber
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    Jul 2004
    what does it matter if the nirvana music rocks or it sucks. but a song can never be popular unless it has some melody. and "smells like.." had and still is hugely popular such a long thread proves it.

    personally i am not a big fan of nirvana but it isn't like i hate it. the music is quite catchy even if they might not be the best guitar playing bands they were one of the most popular.
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    Apr 2005
    Man....who r we to judge music? They played what they felt..n thats the whole thing.
    So...i don't wanna join this stupi arguement.

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    Dec 2004
    ^^dude, i dont think u realised... u already are in this stupid argument.
    ..and dude...if the public arnt the ones to judge music..then who are??

    Music is of the people, for the people and by the people. discuss, critisize....and keep the discussion board lively
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    Apr 2004
    i guess ppl liked their stuff back then coz of the overly done hair metal during the time..they just came out with something 'new' though full of ****!

    but they still suck!

    i don't understand ppl have so many more of any genre but still if they like nirvana, its there ignorance i guess...

    ...and forgive my ignorance to punctuations
    Rock'n'Roll isn't just a fashion statement, its a way of life...

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    ronnieanand's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
    One thing I realized is Metal heads are always jealous of popular music and musicians. This inclues myself. I always hated Bon Jovi and I realized at one point of time every Metal listener was hating Bon Jovi. It was like a feeling of family to hate Bon Jovi. Now that I grew out of that phase and when I introspect a bit, most of it because our own Metal guys are not as popular as those popular guys. We have reasons like guitar skills, solos, compositions, stage persona and 'n' number of things to support our argument. Even Charles Manson the bloody killer is popular. We dont bother about that. But what bothers is Nirvana getting popular more than Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Metallica, Satriani, etc... If you notice, nobody forced you to listen to Nirvana. When Nevermind was released, we all listened and enjoyed to Smells Like Teen Spirit and shook our heads for it. Later when they got too popular, start feeling bad that our favourite bands are losing business becasue of Nirvana and all of a sudden start comparing Curt Cobain's guitar skills with Steve Vai and call Curt Cobain a crap and hate the song Smells Like Teenspirit instantly and then start a big thread or poll as Why Nirvana is Overrated.
    I have a friend who says he hates Smells Like Teenspirit but shakes his head and body everytime he listens to it. One classic example.
    Go drink beer and grow up.
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