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Thread: req:jayswami

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    Question req:jayswami

    hey jayswami i guess u have a good knowledge about music n stuff..hey can u tell me from where i can download a good sound recorder..plzz pastee the link...the recorder that does,nt create a hissing sound in recorded sound..thanx in advance...

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    u need a good audio interface.. thats "hardware" u cant download it. u need to go and buy it.

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    thats a smart title u got 4 ur post..
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    yo jayswami

    yo that's a good point man. i guess that hardware is the key, but what kind of hardware and recording programs do i need? if you could maybe name some stuff and their respective prices, that'd be great. if you could maybe hit me up some private messages on some more specifics that'd be great. i have a decent mic i guess. it's not studio quality, but it is a sony, maybe worth around 30 bucks. so if i get a good program and maybe can scrape some decent hardware, do I really need to get a mixing board? appreciate it man

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