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View Poll Results: What is Favorite Band

25. You may not vote on this poll
  • Metallica

    10 40.00%
  • Backstreet Boys

    3 12.00%
  • Linkin Park

    6 24.00%
  • Creed

    1 4.00%
  • U2

    5 20.00%
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    6string_addict's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by rechts_234
    yeah ? u need reasons ? how can put back street boys / linkin park ...metallica on the same poll.. ?

    and are these the exhautive list of bands of the world, that everyone have to chose from lest they shall go to hell?

    if u really want to have a meaningfull poll ...

    put westlife, backstreetboys, five ...etc on a separate poll ... that'd be a fair poll !

    Not this !

    Or was that supposed to be a joke ?
    thanks for your are happy .. i am happy just move....i don't need your comments anymore...

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    munna's Avatar
    munna is offline Munna
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    May 2005
    ghar mein
    kya rapshik poll hai yaar...apun ne metallica ko vote diya..
    abe oye..rechts_234...haata saawan ki ghata...chall abhi fut le...zaada shana nahi banne ka kya..abi apunlogo ko pakaa nahi karne ka...aur chupchap patli gali se katli marne ka...

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    gamersandy is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2005
    Linkin Park is enough so thats on my mind

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    h4f0n's Avatar
    h4f0n is offline Tabber
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    Sep 2004
    I agree, its a pretty bad poll, atleast make one with the band with similar genre.

    And back street
    Tele + new strings = Heaven

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    cYpHeR's Avatar
    cYpHeR is offline Banned
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    Mar 2005
    is this a vote on bands or genres...


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