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    lord_neo Guest

    Question Pentagram - Shotbyu - Nokia Song?

    Where - How can one get the Pentagram - Shotbyu song. Is the shot by u song included in Pentagram's latest album "It's Ok, It's All Good"?

    P.S Is it the song "Voice" from the Pentagram's "It's Ok, It's All Good" album?

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    Double Click's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    U can buy the album at

    It is Voice from It's Ok, It's All Good.

    The video is also there on youtube.

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    lord_neo Guest
    ahhh thank you! Was searching for the name of the song all over! reps

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    paranoid13rohan's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    Navi Mumbai, India
    thanx double click ... was lukin 4 this stuff 4 sumtym nw ... reps!
    Rohan Dasgupta.
    Vocals and Guitars, Concrete Junglee.



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