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    pakistani bands toooooooo slow

    pakistani bands are tooooo slow in realising there new cds......i mean atif and jal are new.....but wat bout the other guys....noori, fuzon, e.p. and arooh aswell...where r they now how long ago did they realese there cd's.......there just so slow in realising there new tracks noori were also suppose 2 relase there new cd but no luck there aswelll............they need 2 hurry it up just taking 2 loooooooooonggggggg

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    ^^wut do u mean by Two slow.....

    it takes years to make a good album....even great band like Metallica ,Led zep, Pink floyed,Beatles took years b/w their albums to make songs

    dude it takes weeks to make a Single RIFF....



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