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    @ spy..... i don't think that aadat actually needed an OUTSTANDING video i mean i think UMAR ANWAR did a prettyy good job cause that was the video that got him started in this field..... and his work is pretty decent! i liked adat ki video... i mean looking at the lyrics some other director would make a freaking gurl guy video at the end of the day! but that's just my opinion...... and yea man.... i personally luv strings ki videos but it doesn't make sense to most ppl really don't know why... ANJANEY ki video was EXCELLENT and so was hai koi hum jaisa ki :P
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    umer anwars VDOs hav almost the same in aaadat...the guy is sitting on the becnh, thinkin...n is just sittin extravagant kahani mohabbat ki....the same thing....bilal and faisal r just sittin...

    well....lahoris... PS: lol na re na VDO was made at heera mandi...

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    did anyone actually get the video of Anjane by Strings??

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    mera bichhraa yar video is wasted !

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    Kahani mohabbat ki is the classic one. Woh lamhey is also a good but quite old concept but deserves by good picturization. i like the song Ik din aayega and teri yaad by JAL.

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    u guys from egypt ???
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    Quote Originally Posted by #iR@
    u better chk out ali azmat's na re na if u haven't..... ONE OF MY FAV. videos!
    Hey dats an awesome vdo...... can sum1 pm me wid any link for dat plz..... ( i guess I posted the same thing here in some other no links ) .... I did search in culdnt find it.......
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    ^i THINK u can find the video at.... ..... they do have all the songs by ali zamat and salman.......
    .: is it just |\/|E ... or is it the \/\/0rLD? :.


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