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    Smile new song i heard

    hi.. dis is my 1st thread.. hey i'm a diehard linkin park(LP)fan.. hey recently heard a song which is written as by LP, papa roach and POD.. it was graet.. anyone can tell me the name of it and its history..
    These are the places where I can feel
    Torn from my body, my flesh it peels
    During this ride, we can cut up what we like
    Waiting alone, I cannot resist
    Feeling this hate I have never missed
    Please someone give me a reason to rip off my FACE...

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    Theres a new artist on the block ! you should check out his song on youtube !!
    devoted to krishna ... the music is amazing .. and apparently all the recordings singing and playi is done by him ... wow ... what has the world come to !!

    type amit goel on youtube .. the track is named hare krishna !

    heres the link .. plz just listen to it .. so many variations !



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