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Thread: My Favourite

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    IbanezDude116 is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2005
    1. Steve Vai.... He's tha ****!
    2. Eric Clapton
    3. Joe Satriani
    4. Eric Johnson
    5. JIMI!!
    6. Brandon Cleaveland
    7. Jimmy Page
    8. Stevie Ray.

    Jimi didnt know the rules and he still didnt break them! Wait... is heroin against tha rules?

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    JAZZ's Avatar
    JAZZ is offline IGT Addict
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    Dec 2004
    jimi hendrix - His technicality
    jimi page - his compositions...exactly to the led zep`s Phsyce
    Van halen - Nice compositions n Speedy guitaring

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    Srirangan's Avatar
    Srirangan is offline The Song Remains the Same
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    Apr 2005
    New Delhi
    Jimmy Page <-- Genius
    /me worships

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    Mr. Scary's Avatar
    Mr. Scary is offline Bass-tard Child
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    Jan 2005
    in an eternal orgy
    1.Alex Skolnick and James Murpy <---i worship these guys equally
    -Alot of you already know that, Testament is probably my favorite band of all time. Alex Skolnick is who got me into playing guitar. I saw the video for Souls of Black and went "oh ****!! I wanna play that!". That was years ago. Other than being a guitar god, hes a really nice guy, the guy has replied to alll my countless emails. Its also because of Skolnick i became interested in jazz.
    -James Murphy, yeah i know he was in Testament too, but thats not what him my favorite guitarist with Alex Skolnick (though his Testament stuff DID kick ass). I probably became a James Murphy fan after hearing his work on Death's Spiritual Healing. From there, i checked out his Disincarnate stuff, his Konkhra stuff, his Foreign Objects stuff, his Obituary stuff, his cancer stuff, and also his solo albums...he ****ing kicks ass. A very VERY versatile player, other than just laying down some godly solos, his rhythm guitaring also kicks ass.

    2. Eric Peterson (Testament)
    My favorite rhythm guitarist of ALL TIME!! If you want to hear the best of Eric Peterson, you HAVE to check out Testament's The Gathering (though it lacks much solos and alex skolnick was not in the band [james murphy was though, even if he didnt play much solos on this record, his riffing KICKS MAJOR ASS!...back to peterson]). Yeah definitley, The Gathering seriously captures what Peterson is all about, since he wrote the majority of the riffs on that album.

    3.Muhammed Suicmez (Necrophagist)

    like ive said before, this guy is a MONSTER! AMAZING GUITARISt! AMAZING SOLOS!

    4. Trey Azagothoth (Morbid Angel)
    Trey is the ****ing overlord of Death Metal...PERIOD!!

    5. Jon Levasseur (Cryptopsy)
    One of my favorite guitarists of all time!!!! Amazing riffs, awesome solos

    Ok im too lazy ill just list the rest:

    6.Karl Sanders (Nile) **** YOU DEATHMETALFAN!! Nile is one of my fave bands now.

    7. Frank Gambale

    8. Eric Rutan (ex Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal)
    Who's this bass playing son of a *****?

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    aeg0 is offline Guitarıng Alchemist
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    Jul 2004
    Toronto, Canada
    Quote Originally Posted by jayswami
    interesting.. no nuno bettencourt.. extreme fans? ihavent seen his name in this forum yet..

    That guy had some amazing chops and very different compositions..

    sorry for sounding stupid, but what are chops?

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    dennis's Avatar
    dennis is offline The Bhangra King
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    Dec 2004
    technical abililty(speed,sweep picking etc. )
    "Mister Fripp, your music is quite different than everything else out there. In one word, how would you describe it?"
    "Progressive.... yeah, that's it..."

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    wolfblitz's Avatar
    wolfblitz is offline Beginner
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    Nov 2005
    iam really a bassist/vocalist so i dunno if my opinion on guitarists count
    1>jimi hendrix:many have tried to emulate him,his sounds,that wonder he works with the oddly wired up strat and the fender stack.......all have failed

    2>marty friedman>listen to hangar 18,holy wars,tornado.....n ull know why
    and dont forget to check out cacophony

    3>dimebag darell>riffs that make u start frothing at the mouth.....

    4>angus young>ditto

    5>alex lifeson>to accomplish so much in the progressive genre before anyone bloody amazing

    6>kerry king/hanneman>deadly use of that arab pentatonic

    7>dave mustaine>whiplash n four horsemen on leads
    and so many megadeth epics on that tight rythm is enough to get him in the list

    8>alex laiho>check out that solo in downfall[if u can ignore the killer double bass that is]
    honourable mention:ted nugent> love that southern bluesy feel

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    abhijitnath's Avatar
    abhijitnath is offline Fighting GAS frantically
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    Aug 2005
    OK here's my list:
    1. John McLaughlin- The most versatile guitar player ever. Who else has done jazz standards, loud jazz-rock, flamenco, Carnatic classical and Western classical like he has?
    2. Shawn Lane: The fastest, period. But thats not the point-the most tasteful, soulful, lost-in-the-groove shredder ever born.
    3. Jason Becker-More for his composition than his playing. Cacophony is abysmal, but the stuff on Perspective and some stuff on Perpetual Burn are beautiful.
    4. Pat Metheny: The best tone on earth, a child prodigy and great innovation.
    5. Jason Gobel and Paul Masvidal: For their stuff with Cynic and especially with Gordian Knot. Amazing feel and a completely non-cliched approach to shred.
    6. Steve Morse: Amazingly knowledgable about music and an ability to assimilate diverse styles without losing his touch. Major Impacts is beautiful.
    7. Marty Friedman: For his non-scalar approach to soloing and wierd bends, not to mention Japanese tonality.
    8. Jimmy Page: For making modern rock what it is.

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    the_wizard's Avatar
    the_wizard is offline Omega == God
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    Oct 2005
    Hai-der-abad (sucks as hell)
    there have been lots of them actually.....but I'll pick some whom i really admire

    1. Alex Scolnick--I owe a good friend who introduced me to Testament in college..some 3 years back. Argubly the greatest thrash metal bands ever.

    2. Chuck Schuldiner--Was the reason I got into death metal. RIP

    3. Dave Mustaine--Awesome stage presence.

    4. Dimebag Darrel--For his killer riffs. RIP

    5. Eric Clapton--No words can suffice my respect for him.

    6. Glen Buxton and Adam Jones--Two really underrated but brilliant guitarists

    7. Kim Thayil and Toni Iommi

    8. Karl Sanders--I recently picked up Nile and regret ignoring them for so long.
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    Alfons's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    Well, look behind U !!!
    my present list ..(keeps on changing every time )

    1. Dimebag Darrel ..for his amazing riffs and his unique style of playing ..and hu cud forget his pinch harmonics...even his shredding style is totally awsum

    2.kirk hammet ...the guy hu inspired me 2 pick up the guitar ..his chops are amazing
    i really admire his style of playing blues licks in a thrash/heavy metal way

    3.John Petrucci ...this guy is a massive shredder and u can understand wat he plays..his tutorial ROCK DISCIPLINE is one of the best tutorials ever .....

    4. Marty Freidman....deepth , speed , agility , style , tone

    5..Dave Murray.....hmm..maiden always seems very fresh 2 me ......has real nice blues lick and a hint of neo classical

    6.SRV of my favourite blues-rock guitarist ever ....has an awsum tone and pinpoint timming

    7. Satch precision himself

    8.Paul Gilbert ..eccentric guy...has nice technique ..but i dont like his tone


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