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    Quote Originally Posted by bjr View Post
    What is ironic is that you even named the chord incorrectly. I refuse to get into an argument about how much or how little I know so don't even try...

    A word of advice....when you are ribbing someone about their apparent lack of knowledge, make sure you do your research well or you'll end up the way you just did.

    You've also proved that you are either a puppet or someone not capable of expressing his thoughts coherently hence not worth my argument either way.

    hah, now who's being a pretentious prick eh? Swallow your own bitter medicine.

    Bjr ..
    I never knew some one would become histrionic for my thread ! cool big surprise ! Any way , it was just a mild banter (my thread) and thanks for your serious participation . Hope you are doing good and enjoying your music . Well just one thing the term bmaj7/9th is a chord means playing bmaj7th in 9th fret but its ok depend on ones knowledge ..keep rocking ! good luck .

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    Feb 2006

    Cool Take it easy ...Amigos !

    Hi firends !
    Firstly Sorry for being inactive for 6 years , I was totally out of touch with IGT for all these years ...
    a reason drew my attention today once again and I saw all the responses of my old thread ! hope all of you are doing good and enjoying your music ! Thanks for the participation and replies .I never expected responses like this ..! .
    Its really great and inspiring to see serious music lovers like you people ... well the thread was just a joke , I know some has taken it as fun (cool )and some not , in fact some became damn serious and used very good languages kudos to their mature behaviour (Good luck next time ) .
    I am not a master to advice music or give thoughts on music ..all I believe , music is for love , passion and of course Fun and its totally depends on the
    personal choice which comes ..hummn .. mostly from family background (the kind of music we listen since childhood) and socio cultural activities wish you luck my all thread participator have great life ahead and hope very soon you people find tune of your life !!
    Chill !!

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    Hey Cliff, welcome back to the wastelands..

    Quote Originally Posted by bjr View Post recordings are so pop!
    Quote Originally Posted by alpha1 View Post
    Which one?
    The Tears in Heaven one?

    or the one named Basic (same song)?
    lol, BJR, lol.
    bah, humbug
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.


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