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    More amazingness from Tool..

    I'm not a Tool fan but this is pretty outrageous stuff. Got this from

    Do you remember that Tool did weird stuff like use the fibonacci sequence on the syllables of the verses in Lateralus? This is even crazier and cooler, and you have to follow a couple of steps to get it.

    The mystery of the filler "Vigniti tres" and the two "Wing" parts being a bit similar to each other now make sense, as well as the cover of the album. If you play Wings pt1+Vigniti Tres at the same time as Wings pt 2, you realize that the 2 songs are equal in length to Wings pt2 ... That means that they are meant to be synchronized! The frickin' band synchronized 3 songs!!!! The cover of the album has two faces looking sideways and one big face looking towards you. MAybe the two faces are the 2 smaller songs and the bigger face is the long song ... combined result in one big head.

    Just check it out ... the combination is incredibly well done. I am breathless!!! The sync with vigniti tres with the second half of wings pt2 is probably the coolest part, but the first half is really cool too with different riffs in syncs, talk and response of voices, complicated drumming, etc.

    The problem is to do it right. The method I use is very hard. I put my headphones in first. I put my Tool disc on the computer, and use windows media player on just track 4 (wings pt2), then transform tracks 3 and 11 into mp3 files in your disc (downloading it may not work since the tracks may vary in length, unless you use something like torrent, stick with mp3 transformation since it's legal though). Ok, now that you have the mp3s ... click play on those two files using winamp.

    Now, here comes the tricky part. Press play on the winamp file then pause it. Now, move the winamp windows in a way so that it's very close to the play button of window media player. Now get the time bar of winamp to the far left (the beginning of the wings pt1) and press play, immediately pressing play on the windows media player one. There will be like a 1/10 second difference and is not very noticeable at all.

    Maybe there's another way ... if you have two CD drives, maybe you could burn your 10,000 days CD twice (one with wings pt2 and one with the other two songs) play the two at the same time and you won't have to do any tricky stuff.

    Good luck, and enjoy this trip!

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    I really dont think they did it on purpose, but it still is very cool.
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    whoa ... can someone actually mix it a uplaod an mp3.
    An Ofcourse give the link on teh other forum.
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    Tried that just now, and it was irritating to be honest. Except for the fact that, they add up to the same time, they dont go well together. Maybe just the first couple of minutes, but not otherwise.
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