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    Raaaaaar!!! Raaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!

    Might of Merzbow??

    OK, i know a lot of alternative music, but none of it (in my view) is as "extreme" as merzbow. Merzbow makes japanoise, essentially computer generated noise.

    Does anybody make any musical sense out of this? Or is it a vibe related project (like genocide organ)?

    I think i've made a wannabe track that somehow resembles merzbow. Its just some A nal **** and some last days of humanity songs put together and messed around with.

    Does anybody know whats actually the point of merzbow? Just wanted to know.

    And by the way, if the file expires, please let me know (if i'm awake).

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    acorn guts
    got the file will have a listen in the morning .....cant turn ma speakers on .. dad's sleep on the floor above me




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