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    Megadeth To come to India

    well this sounds unbelieveable but it's true ..... .
    MEGADETH will come to bombay & Bangalore in oct of this year !!
    it's like my dream come true...........

    check this site
    Rock Till U' Drop

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    MEGADETH: Are set to rock India in October. Confirming the event was Cyrus Gorimar, director of the event management company which is behind Joe Satriani's recent tour to India. Gorimar said: "The Megadeth tour is confirmed. The performance is slated to be sometime in October. We have now decided on Bombay & Bangalore as being the two venues for their performance. Depending on how the Joe Satriani show goes in Kolkata we will decide whether we shall fly down Megadeth there or not. If Satriani's show draws a good response in Kolkata, metal buffs there can get to see Megadeth too come October."
    In a May 4 posting on the band's official forum, Megadeth main man Dave Mustaine had the following to say regarding the reports that Megadeth will be performing in India before the end of the year: "Not true.
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    No its not confirmed from megadeth side as there are procedures to book a band which is not yet completed, but they will play by end of november.
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