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    lord_neo Guest

    Thumbs up Make Your Own SuperGroup

    If you could make a supergroup...who would be in it ? Mine are as follows, please make yours....

    Lead Guitar: Jimi Hendrix

    Vocals: Kurt: Cobain

    Drums: Dave Grohl

    Bass: Cliff Burton

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    alpha1's Avatar
    alpha1 is offline I BLUES!
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    Dec 2005
    Mine would be:

    Vocals: Gaurav Bravo!
    Lead Guitars: Fred Durst
    Rhythm Guitars: Job Bon Jovi
    Bass Guitars: Bryan Adams
    Drums: Programmed
    You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    rohit's Avatar
    rohit is offline Tabber
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    Oct 2004
    they all together will rock the world.
    my suregroup would be
    led zeppelin.
    i don't no much about drummers and bassists but jimmy page-guitarist and robert plant-vocalist.
    bohemian rhapsody

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    radicalz_adi's Avatar
    radicalz_adi is offline Composer
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    Nov 2005
    well for me it would be
    vocals-Axl Rose(Guns n Roses Frontman)
    Lead Guitars-Slash(Velvet Revolver Lead Guitarist)
    Rythm Guitars & Backing Vocals-Chad Kroeger(Nickelback Rythm Guitarist and Vocals)
    Drums-JOey JOrdison(Slipknot Drummer)
    Bass-Randy Meisner & Backing Vocals(The Eagles Bassist)
    For those About to Rock and Roll we salute you

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    i'm_not_neo's Avatar
    i'm_not_neo is offline el valor máximo absoluto
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    Sep 2006


    Vocals:Bryan Adams,Ronan
    Guitars(Acoustic,Bass,Electric): Eric Clapton,B.Adams,Joe Satriani,Santana
    Drummer:Scott Underwood (from Train) or Larry Mullen Jr.

    Ah that'll be the day..
    "I feel like I'm number one,yet I'm last in line..."

    "So I think I'll keep on walking,with my head held high...
    And only God knows why..."

    Only God Knows Why - Kid Rock

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    laneymaney's Avatar
    laneymaney is offline Banned
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    Oct 2006
    Mine are :

    Guitars: John Petrucci
    Vocals : Freddie Mercury
    Drummer : Joey
    Rythm : Richard Z
    Bass : Cliff Burton

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    faiqrock's Avatar
    faiqrock is offline XaiQ
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    May 2005
    mine is

    Lead: ME lol
    Vocals: James hetfield
    Drummer: Lars
    Rhythm: Kirk lol
    Bass: Jason newston ^.^ (My Cheetah)


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    dareprasad's Avatar
    dareprasad is offline Beginner
    Join Date
    Aug 2005
    Well my super group is...

    vocals- Kurt Cobain & Shaun Morgan(Seether)
    Guitars-Jimmy Page & Slash
    Drums-Joey Jordison
    Bass- Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne Bassist)[]
    These are the places where I can feel
    Torn from my body, my flesh it peels
    During this ride, we can cut up what we like
    Waiting alone, I cannot resist
    Feeling this hate I have never missed
    Please someone give me a reason to rip off my FACE...



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