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    imr001 is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2010

    Smile Its a-bout ALTERBRIDGE

    Guyz-I dont know wht u think or gonna think.
    Alterbridge- D BAND i'm talking about. I just wanna know ur opinions abt ALTERBRIDGE.
    Actually last few dayz i'v been listening them a lot. "Myles Kennedy" their vocal got a no-doubt great rocking voice.
    Heres their best songs-
    Open your eyes
    Broken Wings
    Wonderful life
    Rise today
    Watch over you
    In loving memory.......

    oh. n What about their last album "AB-III" ?
    ...For your breath's sake-just dont stop breathinG...

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    Mar 2011
    Brilliant band. Definitely the pioneers of modern rock n roll. Zepp members will be happy to see bands like AB, Foo Fighters etc
    They ask no quarter...

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