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View Poll Results: which country has got better rock scene ?

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  • india

    114 39.45%
  • pakistan

    175 60.55%
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    Pakistani bands have more exposure as compared to indian bands. Jal songs are used in Bollywood films. Still ndian bands are not bad. Euphoria and Indian Ocean are quite good.

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    @ Tanhadil: man I've watched this thread for a while, and I've got to say one thing. You're post made the most sense out of this whole thread.

    I know everyone already got their say in this, but I really didnt get much of a chance to. So I'd just like to say a few words. My last post wasnt really reflecting what I feel now.

    First off, comparing Pakistani Rock to Indian Rock.... thats like comparing apples and oranges! The two music scences are different from each other. One thing, Indian bands prefer their vocals in english. With Pak, its either in Urdu or English. And let me tell you, the more popular bands in Pak are all singing in Urdu. India and Pak have A LOT of talent just hidden in their underground scenes. Their excuses are finances and such. But I've got to agree with tanhadil on this one, if you can get your music out through the internet and get popular just from that, then your set. If you have the talent, someone will notice you and they will sign you. You just have to make yourself stand out. If you can get your music through the internet, then you can also sell your CDs over the internet. I've bought countless numbers of original Pak CDs over the internet, for 5 years now. I dont plan on stopping. My theory is: if you like the music you download, then go buy the CD to help the artist get through life. Whether over the internet or in stores.

    The difference between the Indian Rock scene and the Pak Rock scene is very simple. Its the fans who back them up. I mean yes, they all have fans. I'm talking more so about the countries in general.

    With Pak, urdu as a language has been forced onto them, I for one know how they feel. I'm living in Canada, but my parents still want me to know urdu perfectly. Since Pak has been forced with urdu, everyone knows of it. So when bands come in and are singing in urdu, everyone understands it. Also, Pak itself has embraced their music scenes. Their movies in popularity, are nothing compared to bollywood, so embracing their music scene gives them an advantage. All in all, Pak likes their Rock scene, and a lot of the younger ages are into it. So thats something to keep in mind. When you grow up with something, old habits die hard. In India, I for one have heard a lot about the Indian rock scene, and the hardships they go through. It seems like the Indian Rock scene isnt backed up by their country in a whole, much different from Pak. I read an article which stated that there was an Indian rock concert going on, and the police came in and stopped the whole thing!! When I read that, I was shocked. I mean, how can someone just come in and do that? This got me thinking, and my conclusion is that not everyone over in India prefers the Indian Rock scene. Its undertandable, when the Bollywood scene is booming: mainstream-indian-society doesnt want to pay attention to anything else, or give anything a chance. Thats a disadvantage to the Indian Rock scene.

    But I'd like to point out what some people said. Stuff like "theres a lot of different languages in India, everyone knows english". But A LOT of people in India watch Bollywood, and listen to Bollywood music. So, if all those people are watching actors speak hindi and listening to artists speak hindi... then isnt that some sort of SIGN that singing in hindi isnt such a bad idea? Another thing. ROCK is a general term. There are different categories that go along with ROCK. Just because one band has a softer tone, and another band is hardcore headbanger or screamo, DOESNOT mean that one is rock and another isnt.

    I mean, I've listened to Indian rock. And in my honest opinion, I'm liking more of the hardcore headbanger bands. They just sound better, then the other indian rock bands. And thats kind of a problem for them if the masses dont like hardcore. But you know...It all depends on how the fans see you. But if a band has to change their appearance so that they can get fans, then I think its a waste of time. But that doesnt mean that you cant try something NEW to attract attention, does it? Attracting attention brings your name out, and people will notice you. Attracting attention while being your true self if the best way to go. It will show you how true your fans really are. If bands just stay in their underground corner, then its going to be like that for their whole career, hai na?

    Although there ARE some Indian bands that sing in hindi. I've been listening to some bands like RuHH and LAKSHYA (they arent harcore, but they're still rock!). I'm actually enjoying their music a lot. Now if only the masses would do the same!! I've also listened to other bands like Dhwni, Total Mikti, Rikterskale and Plus 2 Pass.. n you know what? They're not bad at all! But the ones who really blew me away was a band named TALAASH they made a song called "talaash hai", and it was kick ass!!

    India and Pak have their own styles and you know what? Its not worth comparing. They all have their own hardships. Whether its finance or people accepting their music, everyone has their bad times. India is big on Bollywood, its a known fact. And Pak is big on their music scenes. But, I'd like to see the day when the Indian rock scene is at least given some recognition.

    I myself prefer the Pak Rock music scene, why? I just do. I grew up with artists like Aamir Zaki. I listen to underground bands like RoXen, Khoj, Saturn, Streben, Nafs, Lithium, Visaal, and Death...just to name a few. I also listen to mainstream-pak bands like Noori, EP, Call, and even Jal. I guess its also because It helps me feel closer to home, and to my culture in some ways. Just because the english invented rock, doesnt mean that desis cant take over, does it?! We've made rock apart of our culture. I love the Pak underground, and that isnt going to change. But you know what? I am already a fan of Indian rock as well. I like more of the hardcore bands... but thats just my taste in music. I just wish everyone could like both Indian and Pakistani scenes and stop comparing the two.

    So, my whole point is this: Everyone has their own style, everyone goes through hardships, ALL music scenes will have talent- they just have to be found. We should all just get along, and help eachother out. And stop comparing eachother. We're all desis, and to tell you the truth- brown people in general kick ass when it comes to rock. Rock is rock. Whether its Pakistani or Indian or even Bengali. Well... thank you for reading my whole post (if you did). Hope I got my msg through without going off track too much. :P

    - Alisha

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    everything is fine......i agree paki rock scene is much much cooler dan indi rock scene.............but can ny1 zplain hw cud u call jal n euphoria rock bands?????

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    yea from my opinion jal belongs mostly 2 da pop side, sum or prolly like 1 of dere song can b considered as rock but on da other side if u think abt it no....yea most of da pakistani rock bands actually DO play rock i mean real rock but sum can b considered as pop lol, havent heard much indian rock so cant say anything abt it.....................

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wake up nite
    yea from my opinion jal belongs mostly 2 da pop side, sum or prolly like 1 of dere song can b considered as rock but on da other side if u think abt it no....yea most of da pakistani rock bands actually DO play rock i mean real rock but sum can b considered as pop lol, havent heard much indian rock so cant say anything abt it.....................
    How do you define "real rock"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by the_wizard
    How do you define "real rock"?
    real rock meaning bands who actually play rock not like jal dat have given da word as a rock band and really arent.....

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    there r many rockin bands such as (AKAASH,O2,ROXEN,OPIATE,MAUJ,IRTAASH)
    they all r doin gorgeous job!!!

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    Well, both country bands has quality u cant compare them, bcoz of both country artistes do hard work n always try be better, like paki music has sufism as well as indian bands has hind u cant compare them, they just good in their work.
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    ohhh cant belive this thread is still goin !!!
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    And I can't believe that you still visit this forum.
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    And i can't Believe ur icon is head banging since almost a year
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    Raaaaaar!!! Raaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!
    [holy Voice] Stfu!! [/holy Voice]
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    I go for the PAkistanis..They are just awesome.... - Home for Gadget Reviews

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    ^ Me too...


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