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Thread: The Great Kat

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    The Great Kat

    Alright, someone tell me if they've heard of this repulsive looking vixen and tell me if she's any good. I know i could buy a DVD and find out, but unless she puts some clothes on, i cant buy it and watch at home </3 Help moi out.
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    She is a classically trained violinist also and she supposedly does metal versions of the famous classical pieces. I think there's some demo for listening in her official site. Perhaps there's where I heard her playing...
    Didn't like it... mindless shredding. And she indulges in BDSM, repulsive indeed.
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    I just dont like her. I read an interview where she spoke like she's stuck in the midieval ages. She acts as if all men are there just to put her down. BTW she does'nt play very well either. Its just mindless shred with dirty costumes and boobs.
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    ^ Mindless shred is right...absolutely no taste; even for neo-classical shredding.
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    rock***** pwns great kat
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