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    Furtados Artist of the month - Instore event on 27th October

    Acrid Semblance(Delhi) are Furtados Artist of the Month for the month of October. Acrid Semblance recently released their debut album 'From The Oblivion' which is nothing short of spectacular. Furtados is proud to support 'Acrid Semblance'.

    We will also be hosting an Instore event on the 27th of October with performances by 2 new upcoming bands who are launching their demo's/ep's and also for the 1st time we will also be having a PRS guitar workshop conducted by Ravi Iyer (Vayu). We also have loads of freebies being given away this time like t-shirts, dvds etc.

    More details on the instore event in a few days.........

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    Cool, I'll be in Mumbai around that time.
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    Thank you.



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