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    jayswami's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    megadeth arent that big in usa, were never that big i guess.. iron maiden yea..
    the only megadeth song i hear on radio from time to time is symphony for destruction..
    they r almosta one hit wonder in usa.. like bryan adams and summer of 69

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    Dec 2004
    Metallica has gone totally crap..if u want the real met. listen 2 kill em all,lightning etc.
    I kinda thought kirk had injured his right hand / it got cut off or something..his solos were the only thing about met tht i liked and anger had nothin in it.
    Cudnt listen to the whole album in one go...fell asleep

    I hope met go back to their booze and drugs...for the sake of music,else we'll have another st. anger...maybe st. hunger or something
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    Oct 2004
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    Kill 'em all, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, amazing albums........reflect the rise of metallica as a band.....and St. Anger, brings it crashing to the ground.
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    Dec 2004
    acorn guts
    agree totally agree with you guys..... and yeah went back to HMV last night to take the refund on sucked like vacuum cleaner.....LOL

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    Jul 2004
    @jayaswami coorection dude megadeth is one of the greatest bands in usa (maybe not in seattle) have you heard of the big four? there is some thing called the big four in u.s they consist of 1.megadeth 2.metallica 3.slayer 4.anthrax

    p.s have you seen queensryche live i heard they rock
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    Oct 2004
    @all.....watever it is...metallica is one of the most inspiring bands...look at thier history....they got rocking song like masters to songs like nothine else matters and fade to black wid loads of feelings to some awesome piece like call of ktulu......history is history...but still they have left a big mark in rock history....something which cannot be forgotton....

    they r no longer rocking....but i still appreciate them coz they have been one of the most inspiring band in the world.....TO ME.
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