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    mad_man's Avatar
    mad_man is offline oo my god kill Em all
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    Mar 2005
    GnR--- november rain

    White Zombie ---More Human Than Human

    ----Until It Sleeps
    "S E X, drugs, and rock n' roll: take out the drugs and you've gotmore time for the other two."

    S E X is dirty only when it is done right

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    dennis's Avatar
    dennis is offline The Bhangra King
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    Dec 2004
    ^^...haha, dude..u need to check out more

    King Crimson- Larks Tongues in Aspic( altogether new defination of madness)
    JethroTull- Aqualung( Ian Henderson is ...... something)
    Megadeth - Hanger18(Hilarious..hahha)
    Floyd- Welcome to the machine( Scary)
    Deep Purple- Child In Time( Beautiful)
    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody ( Amazing song, an even more amaing video)
    SRV- Crossfire ( An amazing guitarist doing his thing)
    "Mister Fripp, your music is quite different than everything else out there. In one word, how would you describe it?"
    "Progressive.... yeah, that's it..."

    Zoom 606 - Rs 3999 (Price Drop!!!)
    Stranger NS 30- Rs 1999 (Price Drop!!!)
    PM me if u are interested

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    Strat's Avatar
    Strat is offline Floydian
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    May 2005
    Man I like many...
    But for 2005, the best video would be 'Best of You' by Foo Fighters.
    A paradox is simply the truth of the minority.

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    demonknight's Avatar
    demonknight is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2006
    from the cradle to enslave - cof (damn scary video)
    along with stormlord's i am legend and under the boards while not forgetting about progenies of the apocalypse by dimmu borgir
    rainnig blood live by slayer from the still reigning dvd where it actually rains "blood"
    breaking the law by JP
    ratamahatta by sepultura
    and on and on and on.... ;-)


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