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View Poll Results: bangla bands.......??

27. You may not vote on this poll
  • they rock.......they r gr88!!

    13 48.15%
  • nevar listened .........well wut is it??? i think will be good...

    8 29.63%
  • never listened ny.....though it sucks!! ( and ma name is_ _ _)

    4 14.81%
  • good thing,........rock/metal coming to india!!

    2 7.41%
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    dharmatma is offline Banned
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    Nov 2004
    sorry i couldnt resist.



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    bjr's Avatar
    bjr is offline Lady of the Evening
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    Apr 2005
    hobs crk
    Quote Originally Posted by LEFTY_GUITARIST
    now, bjr , here r some words for u........ thnx to.

    PHP Code: you

    Also get fu
    .ckedgo yourselfA curse meaning "go to hell." For yougo get your own dinner! or Get out of hereget fuc.ked! or, as John Dos Passos had it in 1919 (1931): "Joe got sore and told him to go f.uck himself." The first and third of these vulgar curses date from the late 1800s, and the second from about 1950. Also see give the finger.

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    so bjr, have u listened to da albums-----fossils 1 and 2??????

    ans in --yes/no


    The answer would be yes.

    And now that you finally seem to have a dictionary on your hands and have realized the purposes it can serve, perhaps you might want to use it to learn a bit of spelling and grammar as well. The best part of this thread is that you finally seem to be doing something to get a better grasp of your language.

    @sayan: I would have spoken in the first place if someone had actually asked me for my opinion instead of calling me an idiot, ignorant, prejudiced or impotent.

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    nik_bokacheley's Avatar
    nik_bokacheley is offline :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:
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    Feb 2005
    !nD!@ >Wb>dUrg@Pur
    ....This thread is goin haywire....I just wonder why do people fight aimlessly..

    @LEFTY....If you got guts..take bjr's phone number..address..and settle your quarrel..fighting..blooding your fingers..

    @bjr....if you have a heart...and sympathy towards a young boy..then shut the fu.k up.!..See we all know you are from a reputed family..and mabbe a rich man too..

    We bengali's and middle class each thing that we call our own..!..Just like bengali bands..we love them..and that is why we can't stand to hear anything bad about them..I hope your subtle mind understands whateva I am trying to say..
    And frankly, bjr...I thought you are grown up..And wud behave like a grown up a small innocent kid..But see, you are being sarcastic.You are simply laughing off at LEFTY..Mabbe he is not as good as you in many terms..Might be he doesn't have the power of speech..But you shouldn't be mocking at that..!!..This is disgusting..

    And paarle bjr'er post gulo ignore korar chesta kor..

    @bjr...don't pass out any comment on lefty's posts..Be a man..Just think, if you have a child ..and he is adamant like would you have bahaved wid him then??..You would have not been sarcastic...So , show us your maturity level..Prove that you're not mentally charged..!!

    That's offences meant..It was just to tell you guys..that you shudn't be fighting like dogs amongst humans..!!

    Pe@Ce 0uT!!


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