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    if i could cut in.. it was not just madonna and whitney houston who killed kurt.. but also that ***** courtney love.. she drove him to *******..

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    @jay....wat i heard was....kurt committed ******* mainly bcuz he had problems wid courtney (she was doing double time)...i have his ******* note (cudn't understand his handwriting!!).
    in most cases, ppl commit ******* if they have personal problems involving mostly wid problems in family. i dont think a man wid such a powerful lyrics wud hv done dat just was his music was played along wid madonna n' watever. comeon...dat doesnt make any logical sense to commit *******!
    have also heard frm a nirvana die-hard-fan chick dat he was killed by love and the ******* was a made up story coz later on she was getting his property and she got it. abt $127 million. ....dunno the truth.
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