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Thread: The Band Tool

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    The Band Tool

    hey hello to all d guyz out der....hey i want some info about the band.i have recently heard dere album 10000 dayz n tehy simply rock!so can anyone give sum info about dere upcoming album n band line up


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    Smile heyy

    tool eh..chk this out..

    Track listing

    1. "Vicarious" – 7:06
    2. "Jambi" – 7:28
    3. "Wings for Marie (Pt 1)" – 6:11
    4. "10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)" – 11:13
    5. "The Pot" – 6:21
    6. "Lipan Conjuring" – 1:11
    7. "Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)" – 3:46
    8. "Rosetta Stoned" – 11:11
    9. "Intension" – 7:21
    10. "Right in Two" – 8:55
    11. "Viginti Tres" – 5:02

    Track information and miscellanea

    * The word 'Vicarious' refers to something that is either "experienced or gained through someone else" or "done on behalf of others". (See "Vicarious" for a discussion of the song's lyrics).
    * Jambi is an Indonesian Province in Sumatra, which was once part of the powerful Melayu Kingdom. Legends state that it was ruled by a rich sultan who lived an opulent lifestyle; this myth may be the one referred to in the song's lyrics. One fan pointed out on the band's website that the rhythm used just before the talk box/guitar solo in "Jambi" plays out in such a way that it 'writes out "3, 2, 1" twice in Morse code'. Another fan noted that jambi is also Finnish for iamb, a metrical foot where an unstressed syllable is followed by a stressed one, and that iambic meter is used in the lyrics of the song. [10]
    * 'Marie' is the middle name of Keenan's deceased mother, Judith Marie Garrison. As Keenan explains in his commentary on A Perfect Circle's aMOTION DVD, she suffered a stroke that left her partially paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. The length of time between the paralysis and her death was 27 years, or approximately 10,000 days.[11] Prior to her death, on their 2002 tour, the band debuted an instrumental portion of "Wings for Marie"; the finished song contains lyrics referring to a funeral service.
    * In a Guitar World interview, Jones confirmed that the title of "The Pot" was a reference to an idiomatic term for hypocrisy (i.e., the "pot calling the kettle black") as well as a slang term for marijuana.
    * The Lipan are an Apache band, also known as the "tall grass people".
    * On April 7, 2006, the official Tool website specifically mentioned Albert Hofmann, the "father" of LSD, and stated that he first synthesized the drug on that date in 1938. Past communiqués from the same source used the words "blame Hofmann" as a catch phrase, and report that "LK" ("Lost Keys") was the "Wings" suite's working title.[10]
    * The Rosetta Stone is an archaeological artifact of carved granite that was used as a key to decipher ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.
    * 'Intension' is commonly defined as 'intensification'; however, it may also mean "a strenuous exertion of the mind or will". In Logic, it means "the sum of all possible attributes in a term". In the study of evolution, it can refer to the process of interbreeding.
    * 'Viginti tres' means 'twenty-three' in Latin; the number holds some historical, mathematical, and occult significance.
    * The wine in Maynard's glass on his album photo is a 1963 Burmester port.


    * Danny Carey - Drums, Tabla, Percussion
    * Justin Chancellor - Bass guitar
    * Adam Jones - Art Direction, Guitar, Sitar
    * Maynard James Keenan - Vocals
    * Joe Barresi - Engineering and Mixing (credited as "Evil Joe Barresi")[13]
    * Bob Ludwig - Mastering[14]
    * Lustmord - Weather effects on "10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)"
    * Bill McConnell - Vocals on "Lipan Conjuring"
    * Alex Grey - Illustrations

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    A few things more... tool is complex, no this not sum rambling done by a fan, tool IS complex. You would rlly rlly hate this stuff if u like straight forward lyrics that don't require you to use ur head wut so ever. TOol, is a pain in the ass at times to understand ok. Their new album features audio synchorniztion being the result of a 15 min "hidden" track. This is pretty cool, not that it hasn't been done before. Oh and tool's vdo's are pretty fcukin cool too.
    Check out my tabs:

    Hey guys, would you care to check out my Youtube videos? I play some of the stuff people (and i) tab in here so it could help you with your guitar playing. Otherwise, you can just check it out for the heck of it. :) Thanks

    I shall head the guitar pro awareness program... lol

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    acorn guts
    ^ ...............

    i believe that tool is one of the few bands that actually 'do' make sense ....

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    Tool kicks ass
    "Brown Jesus"

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    if you listened to 10,000 days and went Woah!!!.. then you should listen to Aenima would shit your pants... Lateralus is complex and takes some time to digest. 10,000 days is just a compilation of good songs.. it doenst really flow like the other albums.. listen to ganster tool ... undertow just owns.. have fun with tool.. it takes time.. but when it hits you .. you are blown away

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    hv23 is offline Newbie
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    yeah aenima is my favorite album by them. Lateralus a VERY close second. 10000 days is my least favorite (not sayin sux). Hell, u have to listen to everything they wrote just to get used to their style. Regardless Aenima is the highlight of the band.

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    Raaaaaar!!! Raaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!
    lol @thread...tool av no talent....btw

    lisen to sum stuf like av7x or burzum if ure a kid
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