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    what do u guys have to say about .flac
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    Its too big in size to store. About quality, can't say. I converted one flac to 192 bit mp3 and couldn't hear any difference. Maybe its outta my frequency range ;D
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    Flac is like winzip of audio world.

    If you can hear difference between flac and wave/CD file, then you have something wrong in your head.

    About mp3 - yes, the transparency vs bitrate depends on the complexity of the music.
    The more high frequency component (like electro music) - the more bits you require to achieve transparency.
    the less high freq component - like classical orchestra / vocal - the less bits you require.

    Guitar requires very less bits - even at 112 kbps - you won't be able to make it out from the original.

    One more thing about golden ears - is that with age you tend to lose the sensitivity to higher freq.
    Most ppl above 25 cannot hear anything above 16 kHz (or even worse depending on what you have been exposed to - noise/high dB sound wise)
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    Download English Mp3 songs

    Quote Originally Posted by Sumanovo razor View Post
    i know one site but i cannot find all the songs...
    Mp3 Ferret - Free Mp3 Download, Free Music Downloads

    Find songs with search engine to listen and download most any song.

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    811 is fine.


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