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    Nov 2009
    3 the youtube of guitarists

    Hey guys i got this new website its the youtube of guitarists. Here you can post your guitar videos , being from covers to tutorials AND post the tablature to the songs . I made this website because every time i see a cover on youtube or a tutorial people ask for the tabalature, in you get both . have fun guys

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    21 guns outro?????checkd out ur site....kul enuf
    <<<<<the K phenom>>>>>

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    tababunga is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2009


    hey thanks for the comment, yeah the website is set so that people post their own videos and their tabs to the songs, not all the songs on right now are accurate , but when we get more people coming in their will be many tabs for the same song , either being a original cover or a lesson , thanks for checking our site



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