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    u have such a nice way of tell me how do u play Cadd9 as a tab..its a chord

    help me..else iL try and figure out myslf..anyways..ace job!! ..all i can say is that uL be famous soon enuf

    way to go

    .. Rock got no reason
    Rock got no rhyme ..

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    The chords that I have given are actually what the tab is playing directly below. For the Cadd9 chord, just play the G chord like (320033) and then shift your first two fingers to one string below...this makes it a Cadd9 chord (x32033). That is how the tab is played. He just holds the chord and plays it one string at a time to make it a tab.

    As for being famous, fame is a fickle friend...It is the people who help you become famous that count


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