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Since you are not in personal contact with the dealer during online computer buying, you cannot bargain for the best deal. For this reason, you must do comparison shopping. Compare prices as well as enquire about software applicable as well as the after-sales approach of the company.I am a big fan and user of cloud computing services/providers - of the hundreds that I have tried over the years, only a small percentage of them turned out to be shams or charlatans. Spotting a good or bad provider is a lot easier than you think and I want to share with you a few valuable tips that I have learned which can SAVE you a lot of time, heartache and money.

Look for websites that DO NOT rely heavily on affiliate marketing and video to promote their wares. This hard-sell, "so-and-so uses us" approach is a sure sign that it is not a reputable company. Pages and pages of sales copy, clichés, crazy low price act-now offers, and "look wait, there's more" hype says to me that the company is not legitimate.

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